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New gTLD Pre-Registration Warning

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Fruity Condom

Quite amusing Argentinian condom ad. The guy says it’s a chewing gum

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New TLDs In Plain English

Pretty good clear explanation of new TLDs from ICANN.

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Off to Singapore ..

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Who’s Your Daddy?

Our latest bit of silliness (rejigged for 2011)

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I’ll be speaking at later this year. The agenda’s up – love the “internet stars” tagline, though that’s more for Matt Mullenweg and Tony Conrad than mere mortals like me 🙂

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Clever Ad of the Week

There are clever ads and then there’s this ad .. Brilliant!

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More Monty Python

The scene from the previous post

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Becoming King

Monty Python rockThat is all.(And you can see the full scene here)

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On New TLDs

Finally got round to posting this. It’s written from a registrar perspective. Feedback welcome

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