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Summer of .ME!

Latest press release 🙂


Who’s Your Daddy?

Our latest bit of silliness (rejigged for 2011)


Enda Kenny At Launch of Getting Business Online

Enda Kenny talking at the launch of Getting Business Online. Interview goes on to cover some other topics and he switches to Irish to answer one of the journalists.


Getting Business Online Feature

Nice video covering the launch of Getting Business Online with interviews with An Taoiseach and some of the participants. You can see the back of my head in one shot 🙂


Woohoo! We Made the Finals For the Social Media Awards

I’m really proud of us – didn’t expect to get to the finals.. and definitely not in that many categories!Details here


Getting Irish Business Online – Video Promo

This promo video that Google put together looks amazing and is on the frontpage of the Getting Irish Business Online site 🙂