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NSA vs Grumpy Cat

Not sure of the origin of this image, but the combination of Grumpy Cat, NSA, GNU and the Pirate Party logo brought a smile to my face


Magical Pills?

This has been doing the rounds for the last few days – amusing in a rather geeky way


Blacknight Sign Declaration of Internet Freedom

Glad we got our names on the list 🙂


Location Location Location

<rant>Really tired of seeing business websites that give NO indication of where they are based or which areas they serve.</rant>

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Getting Business Online Feature

Nice video covering the launch of Getting Business Online with interviews with An Taoiseach and some of the participants. You can see the back of my head in one shot 🙂


Fluffy Startups

This video is hilarious. The problem is that if you work in the “online” space you’ve probably come across a LOT of people like this who think they are truly “wonderful”.Keeping track of the number of stupid and totally meaningless buzzwords they use in this video would require a LOT of effort!Hat tip to Mikey […]


Getting Irish Business Online – Video Promo

This promo video that Google put together looks amazing and is on the frontpage of the Getting Irish Business Online site 🙂