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Webfest Specials

I’ll be at Webfest this week, so we’re doing a special. Check the company blog for details.


Interview with Natasa from .me

Conn and I interviewed Natasa from the .me registry for technology.ie

I see Dotme people

I see Dotme people, a photo by blacknight on Flickr. Vuksan from the .me registry letting everyone know who he works for.

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Summer of .ME!

Latest press release 🙂

Porto Montenegro

Porto Montenegro, a photo by blacknight on Flickr. Shot of Porto Montenegro taken from a speedboat

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Arrived In Montenegro – My Luggage Didn’t

So I finally made it to Montenegro… 24 hours late … Unfortunately my bag is somewhere else…. possibly Paris, possibly Belgrade .. It’s not in Montenegro anyway.

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Montenegro Delayed

So my holiday in Montenegro has got off to a bad start. Expedia suck

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Webfest.me Agenda

I’ll be speaking at WebFest.me later this year. The agenda’s up – love the “internet stars” tagline, though that’s more for Matt Mullenweg and Tony Conrad than mere mortals like me 🙂


Flight Prices

So I booked my flights to Montenegro today via Expedia.com.Expedia.ie wanted practically 4 times the price for the same trip. The only difference I could find today was that the .com seems to have more airlines than the .ie ..

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