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Twitter Gone Mad

Well not really ..


Itunes Ping?

If you want to “follow” me on iTunes Ping my profile is here, but am I the only one who thinks it kinda sucks?

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So Now I Can Invite People To Google+

Looks like Google+ is opening up a lot more and I can now send invites 🙂


FourSquare Addiction

So I’ve now had 1000 checkins on FourSquare (and I don’t even use it that much!)


Social Media Shiny Object

Last night I was up in Dublin for the Social Media Awards and we won one! Woohoo! Full blog post to follow over on the company blog…


Social Media Awards

Love the image style


Woohoo! We Made the Finals For the Social Media Awards

I’m really proud of us – didn’t expect to get to the finals.. and definitely not in that many categories!Details here